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Occupational Injury Services

Pinnacle Medical is pleased to announce the addition of Occupational Injury Services (OIS)

OIS and WCB are for people who are hurt at work. Pinnacle Occupational Injury Service provides quick access to quality medical care that helps injured workers to recover quickly and safely and ultimately return to the workplace.

Our Occupational Injury Services include:

  1. Pre-employment Health and Fit to Work Assessments for your employees and subsequent “one-stop-shop” streamlined investigations and rehabilitation for any identified health conditions.
  2. Periodic Health Assessments for your employees, which can include: Level 3 Sleep Studies; Audiometry; Spirometry; 24-hour blood pressure assessments, etc.
  3. Administration of Pre-employment Drug Testing (as of Fall 2020).
  4. Testing for, and management of, toxicological exposures.
  5. Offshore Work Assessments.
  6. Functional capacity assessments for Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) and non-work related injuries.
  7. Basic psychiatric screening for WCB and non-work related illnesses/injuries, with further dedicated psychiatry referrals.
  8. Ability to refer to other relevant Specialists within the Peak Medical Group including: Internal Medicine; Respirology; Rheumatology; Neurology; and Physiatry

What are the benefits of OIS?

  • Fast access to a physician with a background in occupational medicine and WCB-Alberta training (target wait time of 30 minutes or less)

  • Conducting a complete assessment of a worker’s injury

  • Same-day completion and submission of reports

  • Fast-tracked diagnostic and treatment services for injured workers

  • Return-to-work plan development

  • Coordination of assessment and treatment communication

  • Follow-up support

  • Reduces compensation costs because workers are treated earlier, and safe return-to-work plans are identified. Typically, workers spend less time off work

  • OIS physicians are not employed by WCB

  • Pinnacle Occupational Injury Service can also provide employees access to medical care for evaluation or treatment for non-related work injuries

The first OIS visit includes:

Documentation from a physician about your worker’s current physical abilities and any activities that they may be restricted from as a result of the workplace injury.

A planning conversation with a physician and your worker to discuss the claim, return to work options, and follow up planning.

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