Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat


Our doctors believe that both patients and physicians must work together in a thorough and caring environment to reach optimal health outcomes.

Visit the doctors at our Medicine Hat location and begin your journey towards the Pinnacle of Health.

Doctors accepting new patients at this location:

Doctors accepting patients for IUD Consultations/Insertions/Removal:

    Doctors accepting patients for Botox for migraines, TMD and Aesthetic purposes:


      Doctors At This Location


      Health Matters Clinic
      3215 Dunmore Rd SE
      Medicine Hat, AB T1B 2H2

      Phone: 403-504-0450
      Fax: 403-529-4601

      Opening Hours:

      Monday-Friday: 8:00-4:00
      Saturday: Closed
      Sunday: Closed

      Closed for lunch, Monday-Friday: 12:00-12:30

      Walk-in hours:

      Please call for hours.

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