Dr. Clara Cho

Dr. Clara Cho


In Latin, the word doctor means “to teach”, which is how Clara approaches each of her patients that walk through the door – using her skills and knowledge to help them understand their health in ways that make sense and matter to them.

After growing up in Calgary, Clara moved to Edmonton, completing her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy and Medical Schooling at the University of Alberta. She then completed her family medicine residency at the University of Calgary. She made the decision to pursue family medicine while she worked as an OT because she saw the long term impact that injuries and illnesses had on people’s lives. What Clara likes best about practicing family medicine is the opportunity to know and care for entire families.

Away from the office, Clara enjoys spending time with her family, hiking in the mountains, going to the symphony/theater and trying out new recipes at home. Because of her experience as an OT, Clara emphasizes caring for the whole person – to ensure physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing. She also speaks Cantonese as well.

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