Dr. Altaf Khumree

Dr. Altaf Khumree


Altaf joins the Pinnacle Medical team after practicing medicine for the past four years in Airdrie, AB. Before moving to Canada he received his medical degree in South Africa. Altaf believes caring for a patient begins with mutual trust, and from there, treating his patients with the respect and compassion he would hope to be treated with if he was in their position. Away from the office he enjoys reading, walking his dog and learning as much as he can. Areas he has a special interest in include, mental health disorders, insomnia and depression. Altaf is certified in administering Botox for medical procedures including hyperhidrosis and migraine headaches and affiliated with the Chronic Pain Clinic in Calgary.

He also provides cosmetic services including Botox and dermal fillers under Altura Aesthetics and is the primary cosmetic consultant in the company. He has been providing cosmetic services for a number of years and finds that this offers a rather fine balance to the usual chaos of a family practice.

Patient Resource: www.mychronicmigraine.ca

Altaf prescribes medical cannabis, when used in the appropriate setting. You can have your family physician complete and fax the referral form below for a consultation.

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